PCSoft was officially founded in 1988, but as far as history goes our founders began the process of developing the Int-E-View package a couple of years prior. PCSOFT currently has a dynamic team of 100 highly qualified executives, possessing unmatched proficiency in all facets of ERP software, including technology procreation, development, implementation and support. Our exposure to real life ERP implementation spans over a Million Man Days and includes in excess of 700 site deployments. PCSoft has an impressive track record and is famed for being able to succeed where others have failed (such as in highly nebulous project undertakings). This is due to the unrelenting efforts our Implementation Engineers take to ensure every project is successful, regardless of magnitude and also because our software is mature, time tested, field proven and feature packed.

The Chief Architect of Int-E-View is our pioneering Managing Director, Mr. Sateesh Jain. Mr. Jain holds BTech (Electronics & Communication Engineering) form IIT, Kharagpur and PG Diploma in Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS) from IIM, Ahmedabad. Armed with both functional and technical foresight, Mr. Jain has been our guiding light since the very beginning. Under his leadership Int-E-View has evolved into a neatly integrated, robust and foolproof ERP system, well appreciated by hundreds of smiling clients. PCSoft has been the recipient of the Wipro CSI Award for Best Indigenous Software Product.

PCSoft Your steadfast ERP Solution Provider since 1988

With a long history of smiling clients and over 700 successful project executions, PCSoft ERP Solutions gives you the power to leverage information technology and take your industrial corporation to new heights of productivity, efficiency and quality control. Our singular focus and commitment to ERP technology is epitomized by the fact that we have been a single product/single market company for the start. The upshot of our narrow focus and dedication to a singluar craft, has been that we have gained superior domain knowledge and core-competence as compared to other Indian IT players who prefer to chase hundreds of unrelated markets (like BPO, bespoke software development and others). In other words our narrow focus has ensured tremendous, unparalleled domain knowledge. Having served many manufacturers in the past, our spherical knowledge of manufacturing/engineering process is unmatched by others. Int-E-View is PCSoft's premium (foremost) ERP Package containing a wide repertoire of features. Int-E-View users overwhelmingly concur that additional revenue generated through improved productivity, plus the revenue saved by forestalling wastage, yields overall benefits that far outweighs initial investment.

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